Avalon Poland   Manufacturers of Centrifugal Disc De-burring & Polishing Machines, Tumbler Polishing Machines, Vibratory Polishing Machines, Magnetic Polishers.
Cobb/Ballou Findings U S A   Manufacturers of All types of findings for Platinum, Silver, Gold (different Karat), Brass / Base metal etc.
Italy   Manufacturers of Heavy Duty Induction Melting Machines, Security Metal Detectors (Handheld & Walkthrough)
Germany   Manufacturers of quality Files (Precision & Pencil) and Gravers.
Dogendorf Germany   Manufacturers of Precision wax injector with chilling device, Wax Pre-melt Units, Vulcanizing Presses
Hatho Germany   Manufacturers of Polishing Brushes, Muslin & Leather Buffs, Wire Brushes, Special Rotary Instruments for obtaining Matte effect, olishing Compounds, Scotch BriteTM, Spexial High Luster Compounds for high carat Gold & Stainless Steel
Pino Aliprandini Switzerland   Manufacturers of All types of chemicals for plating such as Rhodium, Silver, Platinum, Gold, Nickel, Black Oxide, etc., Electroforming Plants & manufacture of Gold & Silver Jewellery & Statues
Nicem Italy   Manufacturers of wide range of various grades of Silicone, Enamel, Vibro Polishers & media

Germany   Manufacturers of Standard & Custom-made electroplating machines for Rhodium, Gold, Platinum, Pallaium, etc. DI Water Plants, Cooling Systems for electroplating units
Germany   Manufacturers of Small Electroplating and Pen Plating machines, Master alloys for Gold, Silver & Platinum
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